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Advanced Technology.
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How does it work?

1. Restaurant menu added to our websites.

2. Customers place orders.

3. Orders are remitted to restaurant via tablet device.

4. Our drivers pick up and deliver your orders.

5. Everyone is happy, happy, happy!

Partnership Perks

No contract, up-front costs or hidden fees.

Payments made twice monthly.

Significant exposure - free in-store and Internet marketing.

Free tablet set-up and training.

Full customer service team.

Organized dashboard to view all orders.

100% commission based - only pay when you receive an order.

Bite Squad Quality Service

Professional, uniformed drivers.

Same menu pricing.

Mobile Friendly Website

Instant customer and partner support via Live Chat.

Order tracking.

Real-Time GPS.

No minimum gratuity, Minimal delivery fees, 7-mile delivery radius.